Mastercool Air-conditioning FAQs.


What size unit do I need?
Not only the size of the area but also the amount of glass and the heat load generated from the number of people occupying the area will determine the size of the unit required. Mastercool would recommend a site visit to determine the correct size unit for your home or office. If a site inspection is not possible then floor plans will aid in the preparation of your quotation.

What is the operating cost?
The most energy efficient method of heating and/or cooling your home or office is reverse cycle air conditioning. Operating costs are determined by how long the air conditioning system is running. It is essential that the correct size unit is installed. An undersized unit will be significantly more expensive to run taking longer to heat and cool the area effectively. The average five horse power ducted unit with a 5.7kw input unit can cost lest that $1 per hour to operate.

What is the difference between a room air conditioner and a split system?
A room air conditioner is your traditional form of air conditioning where the compressor and fan are together in one box. These units are generally installed into a window or wall. A split system comprises of two units - outside you have a condenser and compressor, and inside a unit which houses the evaporator fan. These units are connected by refrigeration pipes. The design of a split system allows the unit to be very quiet, in operation, and generally more efficient on electricity use.

If I buy my own system can Mastercool install for me?

Do you offer free on-site quotes?
Yes. Just contact us by email of phone - contact page..

How long does it take to install after I have placed my order?
Mastercool can install within 2 weeks.

How long does it take to install?
Approx - 1 day to install ducted reverse cycle - 1 to 2 days for Multi Split Systems - 4hrs for a split system.

Can all air-con systems heat and cool my home?
Yes. A Ducted system can do whole property. A Splits system covers single rooms or large open plan living areas.

Will my system require any maintenance?
You will need to clean return air filter monthly (depends how often you use the system). Mastercool recommend an annual check by a qualified technician.

What are Inverters and non-inverters?
The difference between inverter and non inverter is that the inverter units can alter their speed in response to cooling demand. Some units have a initial over-speed period where they run at slightly higher capacity for a set time to pull down the temperature in a hot room. When they reach the set point temperature they can reduce capacity to maintain that level without cycling as much as a normal unit would. Most advertising claim inverters are 30% cheaper to run.

What are Multi Head Splits?
They are ideally suited to whole house cooling where you can’t run duct work, i.e. a slab floor with a flat or cathedral roof.

What is a Ducted Systems?
A refrigeration ducted system is one of the most cost effective ways to heat/cool your home. Although people would say multi head splits or single head splits are more efficient because ducted system has a slight heat loss in the duct work. In my opinion ducted is preferable to multi head splits as they have fewer parts, electronics and fewer potential refrigerate leaks.

What is zoning in a ducted system?
Zoning allows you to turn on and off the air conditioning in certain areas of the house. This is done through the use of zone controls in the ductwork in the ceiling space. For example, a two-story house may have an upstairs and downstairs zone, commonly called a day night zone. A larger house may have four or five zones, and depending on the size of the air conditioning, there may be a restriction to how many zones can operate at any one time.

What are the benefits of a ducted system over a split system?
A ducted system is designed to air condition more than one room within your home. The indoor fan coil unit is situated manually in the ceiling space and is connected to the outdoor condensing unit. Individual outlets are situated in each room with the air conditioning controlled by a central controller. Unlike the ducted system, the split system is primarily designed to air condition only one room. If you are looking to air condition the whole house then you should consider a ducted system.

Thermostats should be set around 24-27 degrees in summer every 1degree lower can increase running costs by 15%. Remember to keep your return air filter clean.


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